My First Watercolor Painting

Found my cousins old watercolor set while cleaning my cupboard. Felt like trying my hands on it,. Not a masterpiece , but i am quite satisfied with my first attempt(obviously floral design) with watercolors.



Coral vine

Coral Vine is a perennial plant with a beautiful mexican name ‘Chain Of Love’. Belongs to the buckwheat family and its leaves resemble betel leaf.

Taken this shot near my home. This vine had covered a large area both vertically and horizontally. The tree which the tree had climbed could hardly be seen. The flower to me resembles a pink pearl necklace.

Life is so fast paced that I had walked past it so many times without noticing. Just hope that i keep my eyes open in future.

Don’t hurry, don’t worry. You’re only here for a short visit. So be sure and stop to smell the flowers. –Walter Hagen

Genda Phool (Marigold)

Couldnt resist myself from posting some wonderful photos of african marigold taken at recent lalbagh flower show . Photos are taken by my brother (proud owner of SLR).

Actually Marigold(tagetes erecta) needs no introduction to indian gardeners. These delights from the sunflower family, comes in different colors like orange ,yellow and gold .

Commonly used in north india for garlands and decorations. I wonder why it’s not so popular in south india!


My office has wonderful gardens, thanks to our awesome landscaping team. Variety of flowers , fruits , trees are grown here. I developed the hobby of flower-watching during the after lunch walks we used to take.

Best word to describe my hobby would be Hanami (Japanese) literally means “flower viewing”, it’s a japanese custom of “enjoying the beauty of flowers”. Though in Japan its used only for cherry blossoms , being in india I broaden my spectrum to all tropical flowers ;).

The very first flower that captured my attention in the campus was Amaltas (Cassia fistula) which belongs to gulmohar family.  In april (late spring) amaltas tree is full of lovely yellow flowers which fall as bunches. It’s a treat to watch this tree as it sheds its leaves and blooms with flowers. I would call it indian sakura(cherry blossoms) :).  Buds at the end looks like yellow pearls.

As of now I only have this sketch , but do google to see this beautiful flower.

SkyBlue Clustervine


Photographed at Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad.

We visited Ramoji Flim City last Oct, thing i liked the most about the place (more than the filmy look) were the gardens. spotted this copper sulphate blue delight in one corner. Spread out on the ground its hundreds of little blue flowers contrasted the heart-shaped green flowers beautifully. Browsed more about this flower as soon as i got home.

Skyblue Clustervine(Jacquemontia pentanthos) belongs to the morning-glory family, gorgeous looking climber blooms round the year.  These flowers are much smaller in size when compared to other of the same family . This could make a handsome plant for fence.