I am getting up early these days and treating myself with some fresh air at a nearby park.




Clicked a few snaps of peregrina flower planted at one obscure corner. These bright orange flowers were peeping out from a dense cluster of srubs . All were so nicely interlocked that i couldnt decide to which plant this flower belonged.

Common Name: Peregrina
Family: castor


Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisy is a member of the sunflower family and comes in a variety of colors. Native to Africa this flower is named after the german botanist Traugott Gerber. Mostly used as cut flowers in bouquets.

I first saw this plant in our office campus, it has grown  4- 5 inches tall and was full of red colored blooms. These can cheer up anyone, even after a bad appraisal discussion :D. Guess that was the whole point of planting in the office premises .

African Tulip: Beauty of Bangalore

African Tulip is one of the most commonly found flowering tree in Bangalore city. In a panoramic view from my terrace i can see these trees rising above the houses and covered with bright orange flowers. These erect cup shape flowers look beautiful especially against the background of glossy deep green colored leafs .

Botanical name : Spathodea campanulata

Common name: African Tulip or Fountain tree.

Angel’s Trumpet

It was like a surprise awaiting me at the road corner. Long pink trumpet-shaped flowers hanging loosely from a tree.

Aptly named as Angel’s Trumpet, Brugmansia (Botanical name) belongs to the potato family. Native to South America , the flowers are fragrant at night (I didn’t notice any smell). Strangely these flowers are poisonous, wonder why this was planted by the roadside.


Named after German botanist J.G.Zinn, zinnia is a beautiful garden flower. This plant belongs to the sunflower family (aster). It comes in a wide range of colors and is popular as cut flower.

I find it to be similar to cosmos and marigold. Posting pictures of a hybrid zinnia (Inspiration for my next watercolor painting 🙂 )