Mimosa pudica



Touch me not brings out the child in me (even in my mom). There is a sense of achivement or excitment when its leafs close because of my touch.

Recently I found it in all the unattended pots on my terrece. Covered with tiny lavender colored flowers, which resembled the showpiece made up of optical fibre flowers.


New year, new life

My blog has been dead for a while, reason being my professional life and parenthood. All these are leaving no time for simple pleasures. I must learn to get over the guilt I face for not giving my best to either.

Frustration because of travel to work and back home is draining me out. Was just wondering to if I could blog during this time to keep me sane. Lets see how this idea turns out.

Hope this new year will give me patience and strength to face these challenges

Wishing a happy new year to all. God bless.