Yellow orchid tree

Nature has so many treasures, each tree, flower or fruit has its own beauty. I imagine god to be the greatest artist, as all his creation are a masterpiece.

Recently iĀ spotted a yellow orchid tree, color of its flowers are sooo unique. Its yellow with a hint of green, and a black spot on one of its petal. Not too bright but in perfect contrast with leafs.

Unfortunately I couldn’t capture the picture of the tree which had hundreds of these little beauties. Could click only some close-ups which I am sharing here šŸ˜¦




Spring is here

What better reason than spring for me to come out of my bloging hibernation:). I can see trees blooming all around me,Ā feast of eyes. In Bangalore one can see a yellow flowering tree(please tell me the name of tree if you know) lighting up the streets.

Reminds me of the song

“I see trees of green, red roses too. I see them bloom, for me and you. And i think to myself . What a wonderful world.”

Posting some photos of hibiscus that iĀ found on a deserted highway. It was the first time iĀ spotted an orange hibiscus