Rain Lily

Found some old pictures of rain lily in my camera.  Wonder why i haven’t posted them till now. These look so beautiful as flower beds especially after a rainy day.  View of these from my office balcony was just amazing, could make one believe that the grass has turned white or its just snowed  :).  These white beauties can also be spotted in pink and yellow.

Rain lily as also known as fairy lily, rain flower and magic lily. Botanical name is Zephyranthes ,  native to America and belong to Amaryllis family.


New World

The only thing constant in life is CHANGE.

CHANGE i am going through is in my lifestyle, we have moved from a big metro to a small town (reminds  me of Malgudi).  Slowly i am adjusting to live without Malls, Departmental stores, Traffic lights, though it was nightmarish initially 🙂 . Only silver lining is that this place is lush green with lots of flowering plants which means lots of fodder for this blog . So i the adventure begins……

Posting some pictures taken from my apartment.