Sometimes we find flowers in most unexpected places to cheer us up. I was travelling alone by bus on a hot summer afternoon when i met these delightful flowers in a neglected corner of a petrol bunk on the highway.  I had seen these flowers at lot many parks , private gardens; but had never observed their orderly arrangement of petals. Simple as it can be, as a kid(and even today) this is how i drew a flower.

Native to Mexico these are aptly named Cosmos which means “The universe seen as a well-ordered whole”.  Posting excerpt from an essay on flowers by Ruskin Bond

The cosmos has all the genius of  simplicity.  The plant stands tall and erect; it foliage is uncomplicated; and its inflorescences are bold,  fresh and cheerful. Any flower, from a rose to a rhododendron, can be complicated . The cosmos is splendidly simple.