Sometimes we find flowers in most unexpected places to cheer us up. I was travelling alone by bus on a hot summer afternoon when i met these delightful flowers in a neglected corner of a petrol bunk on the highway.  I had seen these flowers at lot many parks , private gardens; but had never observed their orderly arrangement of petals. Simple as it can be, as a kid(and even today) this is how i drew a flower.

Native to Mexico these are aptly named Cosmos which means “The universe seen as a well-ordered whole”.  Posting excerpt from an essay on flowers by Ruskin Bond

The cosmos has all the genius of  simplicity.  The plant stands tall and erect; it foliage is uncomplicated; and its inflorescences are bold,  fresh and cheerful. Any flower, from a rose to a rhododendron, can be complicated . The cosmos is splendidly simple.






Rain Lily

Found some old pictures of rain lily in my camera.  Wonder why i haven’t posted them till now. These look so beautiful as flower beds especially after a rainy day.  View of these from my office balcony was just amazing, could make one believe that the grass has turned white or its just snowed  :).  These white beauties can also be spotted in pink and yellow.

Rain lily as also known as fairy lily, rain flower and magic lily. Botanical name is Zephyranthes ,  native to America and belong to Amaryllis family.

New World

The only thing constant in life is CHANGE.

CHANGE i am going through is in my lifestyle, we have moved from a big metro to a small town (reminds  me of Malgudi).  Slowly i am adjusting to live without Malls, Departmental stores, Traffic lights, though it was nightmarish initially 🙂 . Only silver lining is that this place is lush green with lots of flowering plants which means lots of fodder for this blog . So i the adventure begins……

Posting some pictures taken from my apartment.

Orchid crown of thorns

Bangalore has become unusally hot these days, I am soo badly waiting for rains. Last friday I thought my wish would be granted, but it didnt :-(. Still it was a blissful evening with the air filled up with the smell of wet mud.

But not everyone is like me. Meet the sun loving ‘orchid crown of thorns’. This everblooming cactus belongs to castor family. Flowers in red , yellow and white. Though I have always spotted it in red. Have you seem it in any other color.


Yellow orchid tree

Nature has so many treasures, each tree, flower or fruit has its own beauty. I imagine god to be the greatest artist, as all his creation are a masterpiece.

Recently i spotted a yellow orchid tree, color of its flowers are sooo unique. Its yellow with a hint of green, and a black spot on one of its petal. Not too bright but in perfect contrast with leafs.

Unfortunately I couldn’t capture the picture of the tree which had hundreds of these little beauties. Could click only some close-ups which I am sharing here 😦



Spring is here

What better reason than spring for me to come out of my bloging hibernation:). I can see trees blooming all around me, feast of eyes. In Bangalore one can see a yellow flowering tree(please tell me the name of tree if you know) lighting up the streets.

Reminds me of the song

“I see trees of green, red roses too. I see them bloom, for me and you. And i think to myself . What a wonderful world.”

Posting some photos of hibiscus that i found on a deserted highway. It was the first time i spotted an orange hibiscus

Mimosa pudica



Touch me not brings out the child in me (even in my mom). There is a sense of achivement or excitment when its leafs close because of my touch.

Recently I found it in all the unattended pots on my terrece. Covered with tiny lavender colored flowers, which resembled the showpiece made up of optical fibre flowers.