Yellow orchid tree

Nature has so many treasures, each tree, flower or fruit has its own beauty. I imagine god to be the greatest artist, as all his creation are a masterpiece.

Recently i spotted a yellow orchid tree, color of its flowers are sooo unique. Its yellow with a hint of green, and a black spot on one of its petal. Not too bright but in perfect contrast with leafs.

Unfortunately I couldn’t capture the picture of the tree which had hundreds of these little beauties. Could click only some close-ups which I am sharing here ūüė¶





My office has wonderful gardens, thanks to our awesome landscaping team. Variety of flowers , fruits , trees are grown here. I developed the hobby of flower-watching during the after lunch walks we used to take.

Best word to describe my hobby would be Hanami (Japanese)¬†literally means “flower viewing”, it’s a japanese custom¬†of “enjoying the beauty of¬†flowers”. Though in Japan its used¬†only for cherry blossoms ,¬†being in india I broaden my spectrum¬†to all tropical¬†flowers ;).

The very first flower that captured my attention in the campus was Amaltas¬†(Cassia fistula) which belongs to gulmohar¬†family.¬† In april (late spring)¬†amaltas¬†tree is full of lovely yellow flowers which fall as bunches. It’s a treat to watch this tree as it sheds¬†its leaves and blooms with flowers. I would call it indian sakura(cherry blossoms) :).¬†¬†Buds at the end looks like yellow pearls.

As of now I only have this sketch , but do google to see this beautiful flower.